PT. ROLINDO ABADI established on 1986 in the central city of Bandung Indonesia . Since then this company has growing up and diversified to become the premier out-source supplier in the 21st Country.

The company acts as an exclusive agent and / or representative of some worldwide companies in the core business, Aviation, Railways, Defense, Marine, Oil & Gas and Industrial market. In the field of these businesses PT. ROLINDO ABADI recognized as an excellent company by its customer, especially mentioning the quality of the products supplied and on time delivery as promised. And it is therefore both customers and principals very satisfactory in using its services.

We give you a best opportunity to choose PT. ROLINDO ABADI as your business partners to increase your sales volume in the reason; at PT. ROLINDO ABADI we take pride in the services we provide.

Now we are member of TRACE International Inc and TRACE has granted PT. Rolindo Abadi a certificate of membership signifying the company’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions. For more information about TRACE, please visit
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